The rentals at Kaluna are as eclectic as the past inhabitants. The first rental is known as the Bamboo Roost, it is a heartwood pine efficiency above the bathhouse. It was Ben’s first new build on the farm replacing the old outhouse as the only bathroom. It has a cozy warm feel from the pine, and is currently hidden behind a wall of bamboo. The wooden yurt was our second rental to be developed and was built 6 years ago on a south-facing knoll overlooking the farm bottoms. It is oriented to receive warm sun rays to the south in the winter and it is shaded by the forest overhead in the summer. It is extremely efficient and has nice privacy in the woods.

The pre-civil war Cherokee built log cabin is our third option. It is our most authentic and historic offering. It has been cobbled together with other logs from the log corn crib that used to sit beside it. The cabin is homey and takes guests back to simpler times. And the last rental is our newly built treehouse. It started out as a play place for the kids, but quickly became another sought after rental. Its floors were built from a recycled lake deck and has a reclaimed slide, set of windows and siding. It is nested by a spring fed creek and forested hill. Peace and magic radiate from the upper floor bedroom, the spring babbles to your dreams.