Kaluna Farm News

June 15th, 2021 - Welcome to Kaluna Farm Retreat

In your dreams, you might find yourself whisked away to a magical place surrounded by tranquility and nature. A place where you feel completely at peace. Where your mind stops, your senses take over, and you soak in the beauty of its natural setting. Kaluna Farm Retreat is...


October 6, 2021 - What makes Kaluna a unique retreat destination? 

After years of relying on farm production to support our family, we began hosting guests on our farm in 2017. In the 5 years since our start, we have had the pleasure of welcoming hundreds of families and outdoors enthusiasts. What began as an experiment with income diversification, has become a unique business model that helps support our family and our love of life on the land. It has also afforded us the opportunity to share our land and our way of life with our guests.