June 15th, 2021 - Welcome to Kaluna Farm Retreat

In your dreams, you might find yourself whisked away to a magical place surrounded by tranquility and nature. A place where you feel completely at peace. Where your mind stops, your senses take over, and you soak in the beauty of its natural setting. Kaluna Farm Retreat is steeped in history and organic beauty, which offers an experience of the good old days reimagined.

When you see the farm for the first time, it’s obvious that the owners, Ben and Meghan, have put their whole heart into making it a sanctuary, where you can escape from your everyday world and decompress. Tucked away in the North Georgia foothills, they have created a unique and eclectic, conscious-living ecosystem, where you make friends for life and will share a special bond. Where your children can be fascinated, awed, and learn more about what connects us all with nature.

At Kaluna, you can learn a way of living through experiences curated around grounding the spirit, and by connecting with nature and the earth. Visitors will stay busy (if they want) with a choice of many activities. The Farm is adjoining neighbors to the Talking Rock Nature Preserve that offers many hiking and biking trails for everyone to enjoy. They will experience eating farm fresh food together, campfires, and outdoor grilling, which will become long lasting memories.

Child friendly activities include, playing with Meghan and Ben's farm kids in the gardens, forests, creeks, and kids play areas, playing with the farm animals, and the famous farm tours led by their son, Cedar.

Kaluna Farm Retreat is proudly chemical free. The land is our mother, and they respect it as such. All eco-friendly practices are key here. Kaluna safely encourages birds and wildlife to coexist with humans, and provides an environment for that relationship to blossom.

Enjoy an opportunity to be a kid again. Take yourself and your family back to your roots. Kaluna Farm’s commitment to strong family and community values permeates this place. Meghan and Ben are gracious hosts and stewards of Kaluna’s land, tending it with care every day. Every choice they make is guided by the land, and promotes good health, nutrition, mindfulness and strong values. Kaluna’s focus is providing love and care to the land so it can nourish their families and community.

Kaluna Farm Retreat has an ongoing variety of delicious harvests, no matter what the season. In Spring, Kaluna offers lettuces, kale, sugar snap peas, strawberries, spring onions, cucumbers, squash, and garlic. Come summer, the features are tomatoes, peppers, corn, fresh herbs, potatoes, beans, and cut flowers. Year round, fermented and cultured veggies, like pickles, kraut, kimchi, hot sauces, jams and jellies are available.

Kaluna Farm’s accommodations are so unique and comfortable, it’s sometimes hard to choose between them.

LOG CABIN: This authentic, 1800s log cabin is like stepping back in time, while providing modern comforts. It is located above the animal pasture, and offers plenty of privacy. Sleeps one couple.

WOODEN YURT: The wooden yurt is a modern take on a Mongolian classic. It offers plenty of space, highlighted with bountiful light from the sky dome and large southern windows. The yurt is nestled on a hill in the forest above the farmland. The large open space is great for families and groups. There are several extra oversized bean bags that kids love, but can also double as sleeping spaces. This space has a queen bed, two fold out chair beds, and 4 ibeds. The yurt is a world away, yet close to their organic homestead activity. The Wooden Yurt sleeps up to 8 people.

BAMBOO ROOST: The Bamboo Roost is perched high above the gardens, and hidden behind a screen of living bamboo. This place offers a warm, cozy feel with heart wood pine throughout the main living space. The porch provides privacy behind a tall wall of bamboo. The Roost offers guests a small kitchen and private half bath, a bedroom and a pull-out couch for extra sleeping space. The Roost sits on the forest edge, in the middle of the farm, offering guests easy access to explore the Kaluna sanctuary. It is the second story of the bath house with access to complete bathrooms on the first floor. This is a perfect place to experience the farm while having a quiet space for reading, contemplation, and fascinating conversation.

TREEHOUSE SANCTUARY: Kaluna's Treehouse Sanctuary is nestled in a grove of tulip poplars by our sweet water spring. Imagine peacefully sitting on the porch, watching the creek meander. Inside, lounge on the bean bags or make an escape down the spiral slide. Dream with the trees in the upstairs bedroom that offers a birds-eye view of the surrounding woodland. This space is ideal for two adult guests, but can accommodate up to two additional children.

THE FARMHOUSE: This building is currently the family home. It will be available to rent in the near future when Meghan and Ben complete their family home in the back of the property.

Kaluna’s new journey of growth in establishing its brand, expanding on its offerings and showing up more authentically to its customers began aligning with an agency. Campfire Branding was the final choice for many reasons, but the main being its overall business acumen and expertise in storytelling through design and marketing. Kaluna’s story is so rich and colorful that Campfire wanted to be sure that it shone through. Campfire’s ability to hone in on the essence of a brand and bring that to market was unsurpassed. Kaluna feels confident that through their new branding suite and digital presence, guests and community can feel closer to its unique purpose.

The future for Kaluna Farm Retreat looks bright, with new ideas, improvements, and additions. Kaluna is currently expanding to make room for more occupancy and hope to host more guests during the weekdays. Other future plans are to expand the farm production area to include enlarged gardens, orchards, and pastured animal systems. Kaluna will be growing the product line and hope to have offerings in an onsite Farm Store, as well as on health food store shelves.

Kaluna Farm wants guests to take away fond memories, knowledge, and peace. Many people never get to experience a true connection with the earth and all it has to offer. They may never understand what goes into making a life from the land and nature. We want to provide this unique opportunity for all to experience what is possible. A vision of what could be, and a newfound appreciation for the world we live in.

- DeAnna Denis, Copywriting Team